Food Booking at SingularityU Nordic

How to sign up for lunch at SingularityU Nordic Moonshot Canteen

Register a single company account that everyone in your organization can have access to. 

Select a day that you would like to book lunch for, choose between the provided time slots. Enter all required information (company name and allergies/dietary requirements). If you are reserving for more than a day in advance, you can press on "Repeat   ... " button and choose the period of time that you want to book.

Each days' participant number can be individually altered after the booking is made. All changes have to be made 24 hours before the next lunch. (For example, if you want to change the number of people eating for Tuesday, numbers have to be changed on Monday before 12)

If you like to check your bookings you can click on "agenda" and it will list all of the bookings you have made. 

Moonshot Canteen Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 11:45- 12:45 (closed on public holidays and weekends)

Event Catering / Special Occasions

If you have an important meeting or would like to order breakfast or sweet treats for your team, you can contact our event team at to place an order and collect it at the canteen on the day of your meeting.

Fixed monthly lunch bookings

If you have a fixed amount of staff eating daily and would like to have a permanent seating reservation please contact us via and we will set it up for you! 

Price and Payment

Lunch costs 50kr excl. VAT per person. If the lunch is ordered after the 24-hour deadline it is considered last minute booking. Last-minute bookings are priced 70kr excl. VAT per person. Invoices for lunch are sent on the last day of the month. 

Takeaway box

The takeaway box costs 34kr incl. VAT. You can purchase a clip card to have a discounted takeaway box. With clip cards, the takeaway box is 30kr per box.

The box is available 12:45-13:00 and can be picked up from the chefs. You are free to fill the box with items you desire that have been leftover from the lunch. 

We only take Mobilepay as payment for the box.